Free Spotify Premium Accounts & Passwords

Free Spotify Premium Accounts & Passwords
Free Spotify Premium Accounts & Passwords
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Music can help you change your mood. It can motivate your depression mind to be happy. Music is therefore an important part of our daily life. When you access the song for listening on the Internet, many websites offer unlimited music.

Spotify is one of the best  online music streaming sites in the world and offers many music categories around the world. The Spotify dividend their two options one is free and the other is the Spotify premium. In this article, we are discussing Spotify Premium and how to get multiple Free Spotify Premium Accounts.

Spotify gives the premium option. If you want to use Premium, you can purchase Spotify premium code by paying with a credit. But we cannot wish to lose rupees to use this type of music tool.

Spotify is one of those apps of almost every music lovers have downloaded on their smartphone, on the computer and even in the gaming consoles. This online music streaming service offers songs, music tracks podcasts, novels, audiobooks, poetry and comedy tones for listening anytime we want. But, It’s more fun in the Spotify when you have a premium plan, we wrote this article for just to give Spotify premium account username and password to the folks who are reading this information on our blog. So keep reading this article to know how to get free free Spotify premium account and password for your personal use.

So, in this tutorial, we share the whole guide to get a free Spotify premium account, a free Spotify premium account and share some Spotify premium codes.

Before posting, we need to understand the essentials of premium Spotify. Premium Spotify is a type of account that allows you to access music and podcasts, as well as listen to and download millions of songs for free.

Who does not like listening to music in today’s time? But now not everyone wants to download songs as before. Spotify is the best song streaming app for those people where you can listen to many types of songs online and offline.

If you use Spotify, then you will know that Spotify also offers premium. In which you have many types of best features, but not everyone can provide premium, then for those people, here we are going to give Spotify Premium account for free. After which they will be able to access Spotify Premium for free easily.

potify has Free and Premium based subscription options. For those who are using a free account on Spotify forced to listen to songs with some limitations. It was never so easy to access such an extensive library of music, using a free account on Spotify. Also those Advertisements, you need to deal with while listening to music on Spotify. The app is being monetized with both Audio / Video Ads, which repeatedly plays between the time when a song ends and changing to the next one.

The above-said facts are the main reason why you need to get rid of the free account and switch to the Spotify premium Account today. Because if you upgraded your free Spotify account to the premium account, you could enjoy listening to your favourite music without any restrictions and even able to use all the features available on the app.
Moreover, you need to pay for the premium subscription, which will cost you around $10 for a month and is more expensive than a Netflix subscription. It also offers a free trial to try their Premium free for 30 days. After that, you need to pay $9.99 for every month as long as you tend to use the Spotify premium. Of course utmost of the people came from mid-tier family are also wanted to have Spotify premium for bringing the music anywhere they go! But, sadly, don’t have enough funds to purchase the subscription.

Today in ListXD, we wrote this article to help the one who is looking to get a Spotify premium account for free. Of course who doesn’t want to have Spotify premium accounts free in 2020?

We have more than 300+ of Spotify Premium Account username and password that we would like to share with you, so that you will have free Spotify. In addition to this, we even adding new working free Spotify premium accounts every day, depends on what we can afford on that day. It may be less or more . So guys, be sure to check our site regularly for new free Spotify premium Accounts updates. Spotify premium accounts and passwords


Free Spotify Premium Accounts

All of you have shared the Spotify Premium APK here, you can also download it, and today we have brought free Spotify Premium account for all of you. You can log in by copying the username and password, which is given below.

FREE Spotify account features

If you wish to enjoy all the features of Spotify premium but do not want to pay for it, well, then you are at right place. Click on the link provided here to download the Spotify premium apk file. You can get all the features given below in the free Spotify premium.

No ads

If a person is using Free Spotify and does wish to upgrade it to Spotify premium. Then, one of the reason is ads. The free version of Spotify does run a lot of ads.

They do run a different type of advertisements like audio ads, display ads. The audio ads run for a maximum of thirty seconds. There is no streaming of any advertisements on Spotify premium while streaming of songs.


If you are music gig and do love to listen to the real music of any album then you. Just have a good quality audio earphone. Apart from the earphone, what does matter is the audio quality of songs. The free version of Spotify does not play high-quality audio.

You can listen to high-quality audio on Spotify only in its premium version. The premium version of Spotify plays sounds on 320 kbps speed and even more to 540 kbps speed, which makes the song very original and beautiful to listen out.


When someone is travelling, then the one who does love to listen to music gets excited about it and puts their earphone on and plays the music. But when they play it on Spotify free version, it plays online. And the problem of it is that while travelling the signal do goes up and down.

Spotify Premium does offer an offline mode option, in which you can download the songs and listen to them whenever you want, wherever you want. Travellers do get a bonus while travelling. Not only that, but it also helps people who do not want to waste data on streaming a song.

Play song

The variety of songs on Spotify is too high. But, there are too many songs which could not be played on the free version of Spotify. On Spotify premium, you can listen to any songs which are on Spotify, in whichever quality you wish to. It is said that the total number of songs on Spotify premium is about 33 million songs.


If you wish to listen to a song which is not available on Free version of Spotify and is only available on Spotify premium. Then you can listen to the song by whichever method you wish to listen to them. Either in online mode or offline downloaded mode.

Skips & Shuffle

If you wish to skip a song from a playlist in the free version of Spotify. Then it is not possible to do so. You can not skip too many songs in the free version. But, you can skip as many songs as you wish to in the paid Premium paid version of Spotify.


Spotify Premium Subscription Types

Spotify gives a million accesses to the most recent song, from old to most recent. You just want to choose a game option. It is a Swedish commercial music service, but it can still grow due to its popularity around the world. In the Spotify Premium account, you can browse music by artist, album genre and playlist. Let’s talk about the subscription pack.

1) Free Spotify
Spotify Free provided many features, but we write a few main features that are most useful for a user. It offers unlimited listening time and demerits are always shown in Spotify ads, which irritates a listener. You are not playing HD audio and are not listening offline.

2) Spotify Premium
This Spotify subscription provides unlimited listening time and allows you to download songs in HD and download them offline.

3) Spotify Family
This subscription allows you to obtain the same functionality as the “Spotify premium” option.

What is Spotify Premium?

Are you a music lover? And do not know where to go. Well, here we are going to discuss this issue. If you are a music lover and do love to listen to your favorite band, then you must have heard about Spotify.

Well, Spotify is an online music streaming company which was launched on 7th October 2008 and was founded on 23rd April 2006. Well, let’s not go into history and do talk about the present situation.

Well talking about the best music streaming company, Spotify does get counted into that. Spotify is available on Google play store and Apple iOS store as well. Being one of the best music streaming company, Spotify does you its different plans.

Spotify has three plans, the Free one, the Premium one and the Family one. In the free service, they run a lot of ads. The different type of advertisements is audio ads, video ads, and picture ads.

       Spotify Premium Features:

1. No restriction on downloading songs
The users who have a free Spotify account cannot download every song they like! There is a limit to the number of songs that they can download from Spotify. However, there is no such restriction for Spotify premium account holders. They can download whichever song they like.

2. No advertisements
As we know, advertisements are one of the most irritating and time-consuming pop-ups, Spotify premium accounts let users get rid of all the advertisements and enjoy an uninterrupted experience.

3. Unlock some new features such as Shuffling, Seeking, and Repeating

On using the Spotify premium account, you can shuffle your song repeat them or use the seek feature to find your song immediately. These features are unavailable for Free Spotify account holders.

These were some of the most useful features of Spotify which get unlocked in purchasing its premium account.

Spotify Free vs Spotify Premium

As Spotify is a little bit pricy, people do think before taking the subscription. Here are some differences between Spotify Free and Spotify premium so that you could get the idea of it. Spotify free does give you a lot of ads. Spotify premium dies not to show any ads.

Spotify free is always played online, but Spotify premium can be played offline. Spotify premium offers download option in which you can download any songs and listen to them whenever you wish to listen to them. Spotify free does not support high-quality audio, which Spotify premium does.

You can listen to high-quality sounds only in Spotify Premium. If you do not like any song, you can not delete it from a playlist when you are using a free account of Spotify. On Spotify premium, you can skip as many songs as you wish to.


How To Get Free Spotify Premium Accounts?

You have also read the Spotify features section. Do you intersect to use premium features? If yes then look below there are 3 ways to get


1) Free Spotify Premium Accounts Username And Password
  • It’s the easiest way to get Spotify Premium for free.
  • Do not spend money to use Spotify Premium.
  • First visit to the official Spotify page
  • Just check the list below for the login email address and password, to be used on an official login page.

The following table contains a list of Spotify Premium account login details for your personal use. To get free premium account for yourself, you should have to copy paste the given Spotify username and password on the Spotify mod app which you can download below. If the account was not worked, Spotify shows wrong credentials entered? You should then check our page after some time. We would update the email id and password every day, so even if you didn’t get the working account for today. You still have a chance of getting one tomorrow or the next day. Good luck! Let’s see the spotify Premium accounts list for today.

  1. [email protected] : teffile69
  2. [email protected] : cristofer01
  3. [email protected] : okspeferch
  4. [email protected] : [email protected] : alfa159
  5. dantevollmer: vega2005
  6. [email protected] : Geelong2
  7. fe. arancibia.v: lolero182
  8. [email protected] : pento123
  9. [email protected] : alperen1
  10. [email protected] : nimzz127
  11. romanzach86: puppies12
  12. link.guerra: d524524g
  13. [email protected] : Makodog1
  14. [email protected] : abc123joker
  15. vincent @ : Leon2002
  16. [email protected] : highlife55
  17. matthew.maluf: Matthew1919
  18. [email protected] : Hankhill4
  19. [email protected] : gustavoneves
  20. [email protected] : viertel10
  21. smurray0025: Aliens971
  22. [email protected] : 860394jus
  23. : 860394jus
  24. [email protected] : batesquad12
  25. akgnosmann: osmanxxx41
  26. [email protected] : uzi09mgr
  27. dawidpetecki: 9qwkauuf
  28. [email protected] : 0tamiler
  29. jacoporoselli001: Skrillex01
  30. [email protected] : vener
  31. [email protected] : F1D8FV78
  32. [email protected] : tokyo503
  33. [email protected] : Mikette07
  34. [email protected] : mi081090
  35. [email protected] : Dominik.0815
  36. [email protected] : ax3338
  37. [email protected] : Aimstu03
  38. [email protected] : Hubby123
  39. [email protected] : akos1848
  40. [email protected] : jk911959
  41. [email protected] : ione0104
  42. [email protected] : bert2412
  43. [email protected] : Rgpj1970
  44. [email protected] : co99al03
  45. [email protected] : weerdt86
  46. [email protected] : paolam63
  47. [email protected] : 1x1x1x
  48. [email protected] : forget11
  49. [email protected] : phie030795
  50. [email protected] : bquint0
  51. [email protected] .be : vum13unk
  52. [email protected] : w1a2l3l4y5
  53. [email protected] : Vera6780
  54. [email protected] : evikn45p
  55. [email protected] : kyfranthe2
  56. [email protected] : Odlaw366
  57. lorajohnson @ : Mustang01
  58. [email protected] : bella1
  59. [email protected] : josi8602
  60. [email protected] : laurine
  61. [email protected] : Natsar77
  62. [email protected] : cannavaro28
  63. [email protected] : babyc1
  64. [email protected] : Eden1018
  65. [email protected] : Snuffles93
  66. [email protected] : Toshujin1
  67. nikeboy32111 @ gmail. com : monSter1996
  68. [email protected] : Shutout121
  69. [email protected] : Volvo1994
  70. [email protected] : screamo07
  71. [email protected] : ramblers1
  72. [email protected] : bryant64
  73. [email protected] : Arrowhead10
  74. bigbabymin @ gmail .com : lmp, 33food1
  75. [email protected]: pt042291
  76. [email protected] : Duskborn1
  77. [email protected] : jmts1805
  78. [email protected] : Deadmau5
  79. [email protected] : loreto3257
  80. [email protected] : Redskins1
  81. [email protected] : Frannie
  82. [email protected] : 2sam2ben
  83. damexrange [email protected] : caterpiler361
  84. Email: [email protected] Password: ListXD.Com
  85. [email protected] pass: ListXD.Com
  86. [email protected] pass: ListXD.Com
  87. [email protected] pass: @ListXD.Com
  88. [email protected] pass: ListXD.Com

Note: The list of free Spotify premium accounts below is tested and works properly. You can also check out this Spotify generator and get your premium spotify account for free.

Generator Spotify Free Spotify Premium Accounts

2) Download Android Apps And Access Premium Features

There are millions of Android users worldwide. An Android smartphone must benefit from the lifetime of a Premium Spotify account.

  • First, download the Premium Spotify app.
  • Activate the unknown source on the Android security setting.
  • After installing the apps, download the VPNs like Super-VPN again from the Play Store.
  • Now log into your free Spotify account, which it automatically redirects to the premium account.

I can get a Spotify premium account using this app. I recommended if you have an Android phone just download the app from the link above and use it! I share the screenshot of the Spotify premium account.

Step 1- Download the APK file of the Spotify premium account on your device from the internet.

Download Spotify Premium

Step 2- Now, head over to the downloads section and tap on the APK file to start the installation process


Spotify Premium
Spotify Premium

Step 3- Once done, launch it and start using all the premium features of Spotify for free.


Spotify Payments
Spotify Payments


3) Get Spotify Premium By Subscription Code

I buy Premium Spotify code on official websites. So I guarantee that all codes work 100%. These codes are reserved for the new user. Before using this code, simply go through the registration process.

Sign up for Spotify using your email address, password, username, date of birth and gender. When you open the next window, click on the profile and access the account. Now you can see that the Redeem just has to click on it, and the next screen shows the Spotify Premium code and try your luck.






Why Spotify Is A Digital Music Service?

Music is connected with us like our hearts. From birth, we listen to it. You know that music is an art. When we listen to it, whatever the situation, we relax. We feel happiness. The power of music is inexpressible.

You cannot imagine the power of music. You can just feel it. Songs are our life. At every stage of our lives, we know songs.

When we are happy, we like to listen to songs. When we are in a bad mood and we miss someone, we also like to listen to songs. When a child cries, if you give him to listen to a song, he will stop crying. From there, you can imagine the power of music. We start our day by listening to a song and stop it at night.

Spotify is an online music service. This is a music application which gives the opportunity to listen to a song online. You can listen to unlimited songs with many categories around the world. Each type of songs you can get from here. Spotify will provide you with the best songs of all time.

Why Choose Spotify Premium Option?

The premium version of Spotify will give you the best experience. It will remove the advertisement while listening to songs. So you can listen to the song peacefully. Here you can get all the categories of songs.

You can take advantage of a great chance that in the premium versions you can download songs offline. So the premium version is better than the free versions. But here we will inform you how you get it for free.

Spotify premium is advanced and offers its customers additional benefits. You know that the premium account will delete all ads while listening to songs. So you can enjoy the songs. This version will provide you with high quality sound. You can also download offline. You can download it 320kbp / s. This

account will give you more categories of songs and religion. So the premium version is better than the free versions. So you should choose to pay a small price. It is the best and can provide you with the best experience ever.

FAQ About Free Spotify Account

if you have any questions about the Spotify premium account then you can ask us through the comment section. we have already shared almost every question with the answer below checkout first all these questions then ask with us your own question we will immediately reply as soon as possible

Can Spotify premium be shared?

Spotify premiums can be shared with the family members or friends of which the total number should not lead 5. That means you can share one account with a total of six members. You can share Spotify premium by using the same email Id and password. Now you are logged in with all of your family members.

How do you upgrade to Premium on Spotify?

By following these steps given below you can upgrade to Spotify premium:-

  • Open the official website of Spotify.
  • Click on login on the top right corner.
  • Login to your account with email and password.
  • In the pop-up window that appears, fill the information given.
  • Click get Spotify.
  • Click either the Get Spotify Premium or the Get Spotify Unlimited radio button.
  • Scroll down the web page and select the radio button for your payment method.
  • Select the I Agree with the Spotify End User Agreement checkbox.
  • On the page that appears, review your purchase and enter your credit card details in the appropriate fields.
  • Click on the purchase button by confirming the payment method.
Is Spotify premium worth?

You’ve probably wondered whether paying for Spotify Premium membership is worth a monthly subscription, or if you are better off sticking to the free plan to save money. It depends on your uses and your choice of music. Here we have left this question on your own.

What is the best way to use Spotify?

You can use the Spotify either in free or by taking a membership of one month. The best way to use Spotify is to download all the favourite songs and listen to them in high quality because Spotify premium offers high-quality audios. This does not ask you for the internet connectivity too. You can listen to offline songs while travelling also.

Today we have shared Spotify Premium Accounts free with all of you on this site, with the help of which you can access Spotify Premium for free. If an account does not work, then you check another account or you can comment in the comment box below and tell us that the account is not working.

We have a request to all of you that all of you should share this post with your friends as much as possible so that they too can easily take advantage of the Spotty Premium for free.



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